Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lighting or lack thereof

Grabbed the chance this weekend to do a quick shop update.

Having major lighting issues here at The Dolls Wardrobe, what with mucky, grey November days and broken daylight bulbs its not been going too well but managed to rig something together for a few shots of some lovely new dolls dresses! 

This one is my favourite!

Hope you like them!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Trying to add a couple of different accessories for the Dolls to the shop this week.

First up is a Beret to fit a dolls head with a circumference of 

A pretty Liberty of London scarf to keep those winter chills out!

And two more bags as the last ones proved so popular!

The Dolls Dressmaker

New products

Just ordered some new cards and stickers for my shop.

Using the Waterlogue app I updated an old favourite photo of mine.

Hope you like it!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Monday, 17 November 2014

Playing when I should be working!

Playing around with the Waterlogue app on my phone and having lots of fun with m inner artiste!!!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Cardigans

Now the colder weather is definitely here now I thought it was time to get the knitting needles out and warm up those dolls!

Available in the shop soon!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A tiny teddy - Update!

Yea he's finished!  I made my deadline and he was all sewn up for his little owners birthday, phew and no midnight oil was burned either!

He was given a name but as with all my daughters teddies and dolls this changes on a daily basis.

He is much loved and being so small fits into a pocket quite neatly and so accompanies us on many trips.

If you fancy making one yourself here is the link to her shop,

The Dolls Dressmaker

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Christmas Time!

Ah trying to be organised and get ahead of the game a little bit because it is FAR too early for me to be seriously thinking about Christmas!

Love the Liberty "Wiltshire" print, it looks so good in real life and, in my humble opinion, doesn't look too Christmassy!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


A very handy and useful thing to have are pin boards and they are also a lovely way to use up some fabric.

My eldest has a homemade pin board and wouldn't thank me for a fabric one but littlest has a lot of tiny bits of paper that she MUST keep and has nowhere to put them.

Some lovely Belle and Boo fabric, strawberry ribbon, a staple gun and a hammer and job done.

I liked it so much I thought I should have one too!

Of course mine is resting on the recycling bin rather than being fixed up on the wall but never mind!

The Dolls Dressmaker

New Model

A new model is getting in on the act!

As it's now the school summer holidays I also have an assistant in the work room, happily she brings her dolls with her.

I think this new model will do.

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ahoy there!

Remember this post?  I have FINALLY finished this poor little boat.

A close up of the Liberty sail

I am really pleased with it and I am sure it will sail a lot faster now it's had a Liberty makeover!

The Dolls Dressmaker

A tiny teddy

It's lovely to be able to make things, especially when they have been so politely requested and you know very much longed for.

A young lady's birthday is coming up and a request for a tiny, pink teddy please was made.

I have a month left so (hopefully) I won't be sewing his nose on at midnight the night before, but the children finish for summer holidays today so I will have to hide my sewing from inquisitive eyes!

A Jennifer Murphy Maxwell bear pattern and fabric was ordered and he is turning out to be very cute!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Mostly I like to make my dresses to my own timetable, so many things can interfere and I dread letting people down so generally I don't take custom orders but when a very nice lady politely enquired if it was possible I could make my dress but with sleeves I thought I might just give it a go!

I have been thinking about sleeves for a while so this was the perfect opportunity to dive in.

It wasn't as complicated as I thought but the resulting dress only fits a Miss Corolle doll (36cm/14in) or very similar, unlike my sleeveless dresses that fit a wider range of dolls.

I like them, what do you think?

The Dolls Dressmaker

Saturday, 3 May 2014


I have been a regular follower of Flossie Teacakes for some time now.  I ordered one of her handmade bags many years ago (it's still going strong!) and we have most of the Squeebles apps too.

As mentioned in my previous post I am having a bit of a love affair with some Liberty Betsy Ann fabric and decided this pattern from Flossie teacakes would do my fabric justice!

I used some Oakshot in purple for the lining and I think it came out delightfully!

I've also made a little lavender bag as once again I forgot when ordering lavender by weight that lavender is quite light actually......

I have to say I loved this pattern, it is so easy to make and once I had mastered it, it took less than two hours to make a bag from start to finish.  Needless to say everyone will be getting one of these bags for their birthdays this year!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Liberty Betsy Ann

Oh I LOVE this fabric, it is truly lovely.

First spotted on the Liberty website with a tutorial on how to make a hot water bottle cover.  It just so happened that I had two naked hot water bottles and I thought it was perfect timing.

Liberty Betsy Ann in front with Liberty Tatum at the back

Completely inspired or just totally copying I ordered the exact same fabric as the lovely Chloe from Stone Cold Comfort used.  I was so pleased I did, not only do I now have a stunning and immensely useful hot water bottle but also a little bit of fabric left over which of course didn't stay unused for long.

So I now have two fully covered hot water bottles and quite a few make-up bags (more on those to follow) and a few lavender bags.

I am also intending on making a dolls dress with this fabric but am stuck on embellishments so it lies in a drawer waiting for the muse to strike!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Christmas Makes

It's not too late to talk about Christmas makes now is it? Ok yes, it is, so we shall just say "christmas" quietly!

A couple of makes for my little girl and I must say that this year it was mostly rabbits.

First of all was a "Belle and Boo" rabbit, which wasn't too complicated, I used 100% wool felt rather than try and felt a jumper as the book suggests.  I also thought that he needed a scarf as it was quite cold when he was made!

Next up is a tiny pink rabbit from Gingermelon's Bunnycup and Tedward pattern.

Bunnycup came with her own suitcase home which was handy as she ended up with quite a lot of stuff!

A nice cup of dandelion tea, some carrots and of course a nice bun!

I already have a polite request for another make, this time not a bunny but he is pink! 

The Dolls Dressmaker

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A hiccup

After a few little technical difficulties I am back on my blog!

So many crafty things to show you but need some decent light to take semi-decent photos.

Lots of Christmas crafts still to show and some post-Christmas makes just for me!  Oh and of course lots (although not as many as I would like!) dresses to show you all!

I am in the process of updating my shop but it is taking longer than I would like, however a couple of sales this week have given me some much needed motivation, so onwards and upwards and I will leave you with a picture of a dolls bag I have made and am rather pleased with!

The Dolls Dressmaker