Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Liberty Betsy Ann

Oh I LOVE this fabric, it is truly lovely.

First spotted on the Liberty website with a tutorial on how to make a hot water bottle cover.  It just so happened that I had two naked hot water bottles and I thought it was perfect timing.

Liberty Betsy Ann in front with Liberty Tatum at the back

Completely inspired or just totally copying I ordered the exact same fabric as the lovely Chloe from Stone Cold Comfort used.  I was so pleased I did, not only do I now have a stunning and immensely useful hot water bottle but also a little bit of fabric left over which of course didn't stay unused for long.

So I now have two fully covered hot water bottles and quite a few make-up bags (more on those to follow) and a few lavender bags.

I am also intending on making a dolls dress with this fabric but am stuck on embellishments so it lies in a drawer waiting for the muse to strike!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Christmas Makes

It's not too late to talk about Christmas makes now is it? Ok yes, it is, so we shall just say "christmas" quietly!

A couple of makes for my little girl and I must say that this year it was mostly rabbits.

First of all was a "Belle and Boo" rabbit, which wasn't too complicated, I used 100% wool felt rather than try and felt a jumper as the book suggests.  I also thought that he needed a scarf as it was quite cold when he was made!

Next up is a tiny pink rabbit from Gingermelon's Bunnycup and Tedward pattern.

Bunnycup came with her own suitcase home which was handy as she ended up with quite a lot of stuff!

A nice cup of dandelion tea, some carrots and of course a nice bun!

I already have a polite request for another make, this time not a bunny but he is pink! 

The Dolls Dressmaker