Friday, 27 April 2012


As a child I loved toys. Not a shocking statement I agree but I enjoyed collecting little figures, stationery, stickers you name it. As an adult one tends to move away from these things, having much bigger and more expensive necessities to spend ones money on.

Then children come along and you are allowed back into the world of toys! When my children were small I ralied against plastic toys, most obviously the loud noisy battery eating ones, but as the children got older their toys got smaller and are usually exclusively made of plastic.

Some I detest, some I love but only in their proper place, i.e. not on the floor for me to stand on, I'm talking about you Lego! and some I buy for myself and pretend they are for the children...

Littlest Pet Shop Blythes! Bright, garish colours, tiny plastic pieces and yet I love them. Perhaps because I wouldn't mind a real Blythe but can't justify the expense. However these little ladies are getting a Liberty makeover, much to my daughters disgust....

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tired of waiting

One of the downsides to selling dolls dresses, is that every dress I make I want to put in my Etsy shop and try and sell it!  Which is fine until your daughter wants a new dress for HER dolly!

As I have been promising for a while, perhaps the dolls decided to take things into their own hands...

This cabinet is very old, I believe my Great Grandfather brought it back from America and has been played with many times.  As with a lot of old toys I can't really let my children play with it as there are sharp nails etc and it is very fragile now.  The little toy sewing machine is also vintage but is a recent addition to our household, much more robust than the dresser this does get played with!

I am planning on getting some stickers made with some of my images so have been playing around with the camera and doll related items.  This dresser however was very difficult to photgraph properly, being so dark it seems to drain all the light and make the pictures look grainy.  What with all the rainy grey days we have had, it's taken me a while to get a picture I liked!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"A" cushion

Some time ago I ordered these wonderful patterns with a view to having a go at freestyle quilting.

As with so many craft projects, I get all inspired by the beautiful items people make and then I have a go and get a bit wobbly and put the half finished item to one side! 

However I have finally finished!

It was fun to do and I am really pleased with the result but I think it will take me a little while longer before I could build up the courage to do another one!

The Dolls Dressmaker

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A tiny bit of fabric

Liberty fabric love just went up a notch around here, I managed to get a small quantity of this material in purple and blue versions,

It is a Liberty of London print which was designed for the Japanese market only (I think) and as I procrastinated about the UK versions and then missed out (grrr) I thought I better get a little of this fabric.  So far I have made two dolls dresses, one with capped sleeves and one without;

The fabric is a classic Tana Lawn and so of course feels lovely.  The overall pattern is lovely too and then lurking in the background is Hello Kitty herself! 

I have finished the dresses in purple and have two in blue to start.

And of course it would be a crime to throw away any scraps, so a tiny dolls quilt is in the making too ;)

The Dolls Dressmaker